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For the past 25 years, Inextremis has built an impressive amount of experience in and a robust portfolio of communication services and projects. As a result, we’re ready to meet the branding, communication, and marketing needs of European organisations and institutions, global corporations, European associations, Belgian and Brussels institutions, and social, environmental and cultural associations.
International and European organisations and institutions:

We work on numerous framework contracts from a wide array of global and European organisations and institutions, including:

  • United Nations (UNEP)
  • World Customs Organization (WCO)
  • NATO
  • European Railways Agency
  • Europol
  • European Environment Agency
  • European Committee of the Regions
  • Eurocontrol
  • European Parliament


Global corporate groups:

Inextremis has significant experience in corporate communications, including working for such leading corporations as:

European associations:

Inextremis has helped more than 400 European associations strengthen their brand identity, reputation, and communications. These associations are located in both Brussels and Europe and represent a range of industries and sectors, including:

  • Household appliances (APPLIA - Home Appliances Europe)
  • Commerce (EuroCommerce, Amcham Europe, Eurochambre)
  • Direct selling (SELDIA)
  • Metals (Cobalt Institute, Nickel Institute, European Aluminum)
  • Nonwovens industry (EDANA)
  • Wind energy (WindEurope)
  • Gas energy (Liquid Gas Europe)
  • Lighting (LightingEurope)
  • Mechanical agriculture (CEMA)
  • Food and drink (Fooddrink Europe)
  • Construction (FIEC)
Belgian and Brussels institutions:

Inextremis has long collaborated with such Belgian and Brussels institutions as:

  • CREG
  • Brussels Parliament
  • Citydev
  • I-city
  • Le port de Bruxelles
  • Prosport
  • Jules Bordet Institute
  • Touring Royal club of Belgium
Social, environmental and cultural associations:

Inextremis maintains solid links with many of the associations working to improve our lives and well-being or protecting the environment:  

  • Child focus
  • Eurochildren
  • WWF
  • Irisphère network
  • Smoke Free Partnership


Thanks to the diversity and magnitude of our experience, Inextremis has become a leading player in corporate and institutional communication.

Our experience has enabled our team to build real knowledge, supported by a transparent methodology and an infatuation with detail. From defining the concept to managing the entire production process – we are ready to be your partner in success!


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