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European DSOs connect 260 million customers The electricity distribution network is the direct link between energy consumers on...

02 Oct 2020

European DSOs connect 260 million customers

The electricity distribution network is the direct link between energy consumers on the one hand and electricity generation and transmission on the other. It is the ‘backbone’ of our energy system. 

European DSOs connect 260 million customers, of which the vast majority are residential households and small enterprises.

The E.DSO brochure entitled ‘Lead the Transition – Serve the Customers’ presents a set of key messages on customer-DSO interactions. 

It looks at the changing regulatory framework following the adoption of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package and particularly the relevant consumer and DSO provisions. 

Different use cases on how DSOs interact with their customers are presented. These include

  1.  Arranging a grid connection,
  2.  Providing relevant data (e.g. consumption data through smart metering,
  3.  communication (e.g. in case of disturbances or outages,
  4.  Facilitating data exchanges with the third parties,
  5.  Enabling new and innovative services and helping customers to become active and reap the benefits of the energy transition.

The European Green Deal is expected to deliver additional value for energy consumers. DSOs are committed to this objective, and therefore ask the European Commission for close stakeholder engagement. 

DSOs have the capacity and are willing to play a vital role to drive the decarbonisation and digitalisation plan, with the ultimate goal to strengthen customers and deliver the energy transition.

European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) is the key-interface between the leading electricity distribution system operators (DSOs) and the European institutions and stakeholders. 

E.DSO promotes the development and large-scale testing of smart grid technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation.

E.DSO gathers 41 leading electricity distribution system operators (DSOs) in 24 countries, including 2 national associations, cooperating to ensure the reliability of Europe’s electricity supply for consumers and enabling their active participation in our energy system.

The Communication Agency, Page in extremis is glad to have developed the graphic design of the E.DSO brochure.

The result is a comprehensive publication made within a genuine creative dialogue involving the E.DSO communication team and the Belgian communication agency’s creative unit.

Page in extremis turns brands into valuable assets and ensures the alignment with their strategic objectives.

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