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Overview of Third-Country state-owned enterprises in the European procurement market The interest of third-country state-owned...

04 Jun 2021

Overview of Third-Country state-owned enterprises in the European procurement market

The interest of third-country state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the European public procurement market is growing.
Third country SOEs or their subsidiaries tendered for increasing public contracts in the last decade, including EU financed/funded projects. An acceleration of this evolution can be observed since 2019.

Fiec has entrusted the communication agency Page in extremis to develop a web platform providing information about public procurement procedures since 2009 where third country SOEs were successful, unsuccessful and where the result is still open.
The geographical focus lies on the EU27, the UK, Switzerland and the Western Balkans.
The information is publicly available and relates to construction, dredging and rolling stock contracts.

The platform offers an interactive map of the activities of 3rd country SOEs in the European procurement market for construction, dredging and rail equipment.

FIEC, a sectoral EU Social Partner, speaks for micro, small, medium & large construction firms of its 33 national member federations in 29 EU countries.

The partners of this FIEC initiative are UNIFE, EUDA and EIC. UNIFE is the Association of the European Rail Supply Industry. EUDA is the European Dredging Association (Dredging means transporting: sand, rock, gravel, pipelines, caissons). EIC is an industry association representing the interests of internationally active European contractors towards the EU, international organisations, financing institutions and society at large.

The Communication Agency, is glad to have participated in the development of the online platform.

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