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What is the trend for annual reports in 2021? An annual report is an opportunity to demonstrate its good governance. It is also...

03 Sep 2021

What is the trend for annual reports in 2021?

An annual report is an opportunity to demonstrate its good governance. It is also the occasion to take stock of what you have accomplished, what is currently underway and what remains to be done in the future to advance your particular vision of the world or building your ideal industrial context.

In 2021, the annual report takes different forms. Some were fully printed, others fully digital. Most of them were hybrid.

During this period that the world is going through, the primary trend is the hybrid one. Most of the reports were made public in their online version. Many were printed in a small quantity for archival purposes or transmission to a very targeted audience.

The hybrid trend is the case with the International Road Transport Union's 2020 annual report. The year 2020 was a unique year for IRU and the commercial road transport industry. The pandemic in some way impacted almost everything IRU did. Of course, it was not all about COVID-19, but the pandemic showed IRU and the industry at its finest. "As never before, the pandemic brought the industry and IRU together", stated Radu Dinescu, IRU President. Nothing surprising, therefore, that "Stronger Together" is the annual report 2020 title!

IRU is the International Road Transport Union, founded 70 years ago in Geneva to facilitate trade, international road transport and passenger mobility and support sustainable development worldwide.

IRU enjoys long-standing partnerships with the United Nations, the European Union and Eurasian institutions, giving IRU the insight needed to drive progress in the road transport industry.

Today, IRU connects societies with safe, efficient, green mobility and logistics.

The digital version of the IRU 2020 report was developed, in close collaboration with Christophe Richard from IRU, by the digital team of the communication agency Page in extremis.

This achievement mainly involves adapting the paper version to an online version incorporating more interactivity with the reader.

The communication agency, Page in extremis, has real expertise with this exercise. We have developed a working framework with our sponsors to make the process as comfortable as possible. It is about responding optimally to the needs expressed by our customers/partners.

Based in Brussels, the communication agency Page in extremis makes associations brands conversational, helps organisations engage with their stakeholders and convey their messages.

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