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Get an insight into the European construction sector! Every year, FIEC publishes its Statistical Report, which gives an insight...

11 Oct 2021

Get an insight into the European construction sector!

Every year, FIEC publishes its Statistical Report, which gives an insight into the construction sector and demonstrates its significance for the European economy. The report analyses 24 countries individually as well as the European Union as a whole. The texts and data are drawn up based on the information supplied by the FIEC Member Federations.

The 64th annual FIEC Statistical Report provides an overview of the developments in the construction industry in the EU in 2020 – a year full of unprecedented challenges for the construction industry.

The Covid pandemic provoked an unprecedented economic crisis. The construction sector was particularly hit in the second quarter of 2020. Business confidence reached its lowest point in May.

While the lockdown hit all economic sectors, some divergence started to emerge during summer, with construction recovering more rapidly than others in most countries. In the end, the industry has proved itself more resilient than the economy as a whole. Total investment in construction declined by 5.8% in 2020. Total employment even increased slightly by 0.8% compared to 2019.

In 2021, investment in construction is expected to resume growth at a rate of 4.2%. All segments - new housebuilding, renovation, non-residential construction and civil engineering - are expected to recover.

Nevertheless, the total investment will not reach the pre-crisis level. For employment in construction, a slight decline (0.1%) is projected, with the crisis impact being postponed to 2021 for some countries.

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