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It's time to think about your 2022 communications activities. Taking stock of the past year's activities and establishing an...

10 Nov 2021

It's time to think about your 2022 communications activities.

Taking stock of the past year's activities and establishing an action plan for the coming year is an annual Rendez-Vous, which demonstrates the healthy management of the communication activities of an organisation.

Since the Zhaga Consortium rebranding in 2018,  Axel Baschnagel, the Zhaga's communication manager and Dee Denteneer, Secretary-General, have been involved in this essential exercise with the Page in extremis team each year.

This friendly annual discussion is an opportunity to record the learnings from the activities for the past year and prepare the proposals for communication actions submitted for approval to the Consortium's communication committee.

The proposals are the subject of a written and oral recommendation. A timeline of activities and an estimated budget per action support the proposals. The impact of each previous year's exercise is measured using the data analytics provided by the online communication channel.

Each repetition of the same activity is questioned. If it is planned, the communication partners make a reflection on how to improve it.

Thoughts are also focused on new topics and messages requiring further communication actions. Thus, the communication partners can maintain the course set by the guidelines of strategic communication. It is also an opportunity to take stock of its relationship with its communication agency and to ensure the conditions for a transparent and positive partnership.

The Communication Agency, Page in extremis, is proud to contribute to the creative development of the Zhaga Consortium digital and print channels. A comprehensive communication system is developed within an intimate innovative dialogue framework.

Page in extremis has defined a very smooth process, including monitoring and quality check particularly suited to provide maximum comfort to its clients and the best results.

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Based in Brussels, the communication agency helps organisations engage with their stakeholders and convey their messages.

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