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The SBGE changes its name: welcome to Hydria! Thanks to the resumption of operation of the Brussels-South wastewater treatment...

19 Nov 2021

The SBGE changes its name: welcome to Hydria!

Thanks to the resumption of operation of the Brussels-South wastewater treatment plant, SBGE has become a genuine industrial operator in the water sector. To better reflect this new identity, the SBGE changed its name and became Hydria.

Damien De Keyzer, the CEO of Hydria, give us the key to the new name: based on the Greek root "hydro", which means "water", Hydria also refers to Hydria, a vase imagined in Antiquity to collect, transport and store water: a direct link with the activity of collecting wastewater.

This new name is accompanied by a logo that directly refers to the core business: wastewater recycling.

In addition to the name change, the SBGE website has been completely revamped!

The Hydria website is now an essential tool for providing the general public with helpful information about Hydria's activities and sustainable water management in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The communication agency Page in extremis is glad to have developed the Hydria website in close collaboration with Damien De Keyzer and his experts' team.

The high positive dynamics of this partnership have made it possible to create a nice-looking, engaging,  modern corporate website easily accessible to all those interested in sustainable management of water in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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