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Discover the #TERRI report, the new digital tool on territorial governance, powers and reforms in Europe The TERRI report...

28 Jan 2022

Discover the #TERRI report, the new digital tool on territorial governance, powers and reforms in Europe

The TERRI report examines territorial and governance reforms undertaken in recent years and the evolving nature of relationships between central and subnational governments.

CEMR is the united voice of Europe's local and regional governments federated through 60 national associations. Members are national associations of towns, municipalities and regions from 41 countries part of the Council of Europe. Together these associations represent about 130,000 local and regional authorities.

In their online study, CEMR examines territorial developments across its national associations from 2012 to 2021.

Territorial and governance reforms are underway. One can view this development as an indication of democracy in motion. The unique data set provides valuable insights into how local and regional governments have evolved in Europe.
These reforms have encouraged greater decentralisation and a more effective share of responsibility between the different spheres of government.

The online study consists of two parts: the editorial and the interactive tools.

The first online edition of the TERRI Report is entitled: Focus on Local Health Care Systems.
The recommendations and the analysis shape the first section.
The analysis is divided into three parts:
- Part 1: Panorama of territorial reforms between 2012 and 2021
- Part 2: Local public health responsibilities
- Part 3: Impact of COVID-19 on local health systems and governance

Two interactive tools complement the editorial:
The first digital tool allows you to compare 41 countries and generate your pdf with the data. The second tool is an interactive map of Europe which offers a view based on three different levels.

The first online edition builds on the foundations of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) earlier study, 'Local and Regional governments in Europe – Structures and Competences'.

The digital publication results from close collaboration between the CMER team led by Pierre Vander Auwera, CMER Communication, and the #pageinextremis agency creative unit.

#pageinextremis creates major web-based communications projects for many well-known international institutions and associations.
Our online projects set the standard for digital communications in the European public affairs space.

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