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How to develop professional videos for your organisation? We manage video production projects in three pivotal phases:...

31 Jan 2022

How to develop professional videos for your organisation?

We manage video production projects in three pivotal phases: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Here is an explanation of those three main stages:

PRE-PRODUCTION: The pre-production process is the basis for the project. Pre-production begins with developing a detailed project plan which describes critical delivery dates and references any dependencies such as review times and validations. We consult with you to determine your goals and target audience.

One of the first tasks is establishing a creative approach to meet the project's requirements. We develop a script for the video that describes the creative direction. The script serves as the blueprint for the project. Scripts ensure that the right message is delivered. Once you approve the script, the production team begins reviewing the locations and researching potential actors.

In cases where we primarily use interviews, we usually develop the questions with you. Location tracking is essential: the right background settings must be identified and secured. We send voice files to facilitate your selection if a voice-over is required.

Not all projects require «storyboards,» but for videos that involve abstract ideas or complex shots, we use the storyboard to keep everyone on the same page.

PRODUCTION: The video is shot according to the production schedule. The size of the film crews varies from a team of three to a larger group (a cinematographer, camera operators, lighting director, sound recording specialists, production assistants, makeup artists and style consultants). The film crews use the necessary equipment to film according to the storyboard. Voice over recordings is made during the production phase by voice-over professionals.

POST-PRODUCTION: That is the final phase. The video sequences are assembled and edited. It's about reviewing the footage and selecting the best one to use in the video. Graphics and special effects are added to bring your video to life. A good edit should work specifically with the music in the video to achieve the desired overall effect with the target audience. Sound effects and other noises can create a realistic and engaging sound mix. The voice-over is associated with the music in your video.

Once you are satisfied with the final cut of your video, it can be formatted. The video is transformed into the appropriate format and quality for various uses. That could mean, for example, an HD version to use during a conference or a more compressed and shortened teaser to place on social networks.

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