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EU-Japan cooperation: Tackling the global challenges of the next decades The Japan Business Council in Europe (JBCE) represents...

22 Apr 2022

EU-Japan cooperation: Tackling the global challenges of the next decades

The Japan Business Council in Europe (JBCE) represents the interests of 90 multinational companies of Japanese parentage operating in Europe.

The members operate across various sectors, including information and communication technology, electronics, chemicals, automotive, machinery, wholesale trade, precision instruments, pharmaceutical, steel, textiles and glass products.

Created in 1999, the Council works closely with the EU Institutions to strengthen the political and trade relations between the EU and Japan and develop a policy framework supporting fruitful and responsible business conduct.

Building a new era of cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Japan is the core of their activities performed under several committees focusing on: Corporate Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital Innovation, Environment & Energy, Standards and Conformity, and Trade.

The organisation’s 2021 Annual report is entitled “EU-Japan cooperation: tackling the global challenges of the next decades”.

The Communication Agency, #pageinextremis is glad to have participated in the design development of the JBCE Annual report.

The result is a comprehensive publication made within a genuine creative dialogue involving the JBCE communication team and the Belgian communication agency’s designer unit.

Page in extremis turns brands into valuable assets and ensures alignment with their strategic objectives.

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