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A prize for innovators in the spotlight: the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards! Over the last seven years, the Zhaga Consortium has...

23 Sep 2022

A prize for innovators in the spotlight: the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards!

Over the last seven years, the Zhaga Consortium has developed a new universal platform for streetlighting connectivity. This platform allows streetlights to be the backbone of smart cities. Streetlights are regularly positioned, secure, powered, and in an excellent location for many sensing tasks and communications. 

The Zhaga Consortium launched the global Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards to address the needs of many cities that have installed Zhaga-D4i-certified streetlights. 

The awards encourage and recognise excellence in Smart City Sensors that can be installed on streetlights using the Zhaga Book 18 standard and are suitable for Zhaga-D4i certification.

Zhaga creates a new market opportunity for ‘Smart City Sensors’. With over 200 hundred families of luminaires from some of the world’s leading manufacturers already certified, it becomes the cheapest way for the city-wide deployment of smart sensors.

The Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards will celebrate innovations in this smart city revolution, and Zhaga Consortium invites manufacturers, innovators and academics/students to enter.

Zhaga Consortium is a global lighting-industry organisation that aims to standardise interfaces of components of LED luminaires. Zhaga comprises over 270 member companies, including manufacturers of LED luminaires, modules, drivers and engines, material and component suppliers, and testing labs.

Zhaga Consortium entrusts the communication agency #Pageinextremis with its promotional campaign around the Zhaga Awards. The agency has developed a content strategy with Axel Baschnagel with a new logo for the award, a specific website, videos, social media, case studies…

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