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Which are the attributes of a top online publication? The CLEPA Annual Activity Report 2021-2022 is an excellent online...

30 Sep 2022

Which are the attributes of a top online publication?

The CLEPA Annual Activity Report 2021-2022 is an excellent online publication, but what are the main attributes of this impressive publication?

- The online version is not a simple reproduction of the paper brochure,
- The content is aligned with new technologies and functionalities,
- It's an interactive experience.

CLEPA's annual activity report is an overview of what 2021-2022 has been for the association. CLEPA represents over 3,000 companies and covers all products and services in the automotive supply chain. Founded in 1959 and based in Brussels, CLEPA is a natural interlocutor for international organisations and fellow associations.

CLEPA brings together more than 100 of the world's most significant automotive parts, systems and modules suppliers and more than 20 national trade associations and European industry associations.

#Pageinextremis is delighted to partner with the remarkable CLEPA team and is proud to have participated in the creative development of the association's report.

The result is an astonishing publication produced in an intimate and inventive dialogue framework. CLEPA releases its reports in 2 integrated versions: printed and online versions.

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