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How could EU associations attract new members? Are you a European association seeking to engage potential members and establish...

24 Apr 2023

How could EU associations attract new members?

Are you a European association seeking to engage potential members and establish yourselves as an industry representative leader? 

Look no further! Organising award ceremonies targeting potential members is a fantastic approach to achieving this. 

Why should your association host award events engage potential members?

Firstly, showcasing appreciation and building trust are essential. Recognise significant contributions by individuals or companies in your industry by presenting them with awards. Hosting such events demonstrates gratitude for member achievements and fosters trust among potential members, positioning your association as an industry authority.

Secondly, harness the power of networking. Awards ceremonies bring together industry experts, professionals, and potential members under one roof, offering a golden opportunity for your association to forge strong relationships and partnerships. Create a thriving community centred around your industry, making your association more appealing.

Thirdly, aim to boost your visibility. Generate media coverage and spark social media conversations with an awards ceremony. Increased visibility attracts potential members while promoting your association's mission and values, which is particularly valuable for new or lesser-known European associations.

Fourthly, stand out from the crowd. Bespoke awards that recognise specific achievements or contributions help differentiate your association from competitors—showcasing your unique value proposition and expertise positions your association as a leader in the field, attracting potential members with similar values and interests.

Finally, reinvent recruitment. Awards targeting potential members are powerful recruitment tools. Display industry knowledge, cultivate a positive image, and entice potential members to join. Emphasise the value of membership and community involvement to expand your membership base and network of professionals and experts.

A prime example of an industry-specific awards ceremony organised by an international association is the Zhaga Awards, which recognised four exceptional solutions across different categories.

TE Connectivity's innovative motion sensor for streetlights balances energy savings and safety, while TRIDONIC's cutting-edge sensor accurately tracks traffic density and patterns, reducing congestion. Moreover, Signify's versatile outdoor sensor offers motion, light, noise detection, and temperature measurement features. Lastly,'s comprehensive outdoor lighting controller supports advanced lighting control and various sensing capabilities.

These trailblazing technologies are shaping the future of smart city lighting by improving energy efficiency, enhancing safety, and providing valuable data for urban planning. 

Awards like these showcase innovative products and solutions and inspire others to strive for excellence, benefiting the industry.

Organising awards ceremonies is highly effective for European associations to assert credibility, enhance brand awareness, and engage potential members. 

These events enable you to showcase appreciation, facilitate networking, boost visibility, differentiate your association, and attract new members. So, go ahead and plan that awards ceremony—consolidate your position as an industry representative leader and welcome potential members who share your values and interests.

To ensure the success of your awards event, it's crucial to collaborate with a reputable communication agency like #pageinextremis. With their extensive expertise in designing and promoting awards ceremonies, #pageinextremis will help you create a memorable, impactful event that resonates with your target audience. 

Their creative team will work closely with your association to develop the concept of an appealing award, provide professional design and communication services, and manage event promotion to maximise visibility and participation. 

By partnering with #pageinextremis, you can ensure that your awards event becomes an essential milestone in your industry, inspiring excellence and fostering a vibrant, growing community.

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