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Page in extremis is a trusted communications partner for global organisations, and European institutions and associations.

With over 25 years of experience in brand development and design, we know how the world of European public affairs differs from mainstream corporate communications.

Our knowledge of your operating environment is a real differentiator and one that will strengthen your communications strategy.

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We deliver effective communications campaigns

We speak the language of Europe. We understand the procedures and the culture, we know the key people and the policies.

We help our clients create communications targeting: European regulators, MEPs, professional associations, journalists, industry experts, academics, …to name but some.
Our track record speaks for itself and our clients consist of major European institutions, European federations & associations.

If you have a communications mission to complete, let’s talk about it!

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CECED60 - Social Media Campaign

We implement multi-channel communications projects

Our communications methodology assures a strong presence for your brand. We first make time to meet your team and understand your objectives. Then we agree planning and set deadlines. Only then do we develop prototypes and begin our creative dialogue. Throughout the implementation phase, we carefully monitor, with appropriate checks, revisions and validations.

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AmCham EU Single Market Campaign

We help you perfom memorable events and annual conferences

From creating your event website to producing badges, we are used to develop all communication materials that make your event or conference memorable.

We help you develop digital experiences that create long-term connections with your event attendants, based upon a rigorous planning and extended expertise.
We have our own in-house team of graphic and event designers. Our process and methodology are based are on 21 years of experiences.

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European Railway Agency - SERA Conferences
  • EuroPol
  • UITP
  • Orgalime
  • EurEau Water
  • CED


Open to discover the full range of our services

Branding is a dynamic and cyclical process, rather than linear flow. We can help you on each of the specific dimensions related to the holistic management of your brand.


• Brand audit

• Design recommendations

• Clarifying strategy

• Defining mission, vision, taglines, messages, elevator pitch…

• Brand positioning

• Brand Architecture

• Brand Extension

• Naming & Renaming

• Define Taglines

• Social media programme

• Living the brand The employee becomes brand ambassador and delivers the brand’s content and promise. The employee’s commitment to the brand is what builds internal loyalty.

• Branding Strategy for Non-Profit Organization Brand management as a tool for advancing the cause and securing funding (growing competition for public attention).

• Launching brand identity

• Presentation (Slideshow)

Content development and design

Branding is the process through which an organization asks itself the identity questions that can lead it as a dynamic and innovative organization.


• New Brand Rebranding

• Brand System:

• Modular identity,

• Dynamic identity,

• Branded House,

• House of Brands…

• Brand books

• Brand Centre (online branding tools)

• Brand Identity

• Logotype and signature

• Brandmarks, Wordmarks

• Brand guidelines

• Identity guide:

• Define logo guidelines, photography, colours, typography…

• Define stationary, signage, ephemera, vehicles… Define templates (touch points)…

• Digital Branding

• Website Branding

• Interactive dialogue invites new way of expressing the symbolic universe of the brand.

• Branding of specific

• Touch points

• Programme Branding

• Conference Branding

• Branding of magazine

• Branding of place

• Cause Branding

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Remain in contact with our latest agency work on branding, digital and classic media via the Page in extremis blogs

  • Your corporate magazine? Digital or printed?

    Appearances may suggest that paper is on the brink of extinction since many newspapers specialise in digital. 

    Following this trend, many digital magazines have been created, which do not have a paper version. These new formats have been able to evolve and conform to the new digital mediu...see more

  • Experience online the last CER activity report!

    In this very singular period, when physical contacts are not recommended, a full online activity report is a solution for sharing your content with as many readers as possible.

    The CER activity report 2019 is an excellent example of an online report.
    The online experience is ...see more

  • The unprecedented health crisis that we are currently experiencing has forced the Belgian government to take severe, exceptional and necessary measures to limit the progression of the COVID 19 coronavirus.

    These measures concern us all and, therefore, our offices will not be not accessible for the next few weeks.

    Our team is now wor...see more

  • How automotive suppliers contribute to the history of the auto industry?

    CLEPA60 History is an interactive animation that offers you the experience of mobility from the past to the future. The online animation allows you to discover how automotive suppliers have been contributing to the history of the auto industry.

    The CLEPA60 Histo...see more

  • How is the private employment industry making a difference in the new world of work?

    The private employment industry believes in “social innovation” as the way forward.
    Social innovation is defined as the implementation of new solutions for working, learning and social protection for the benefit of workers, employers and society in...see more

  • Event is an essential milestone of successful Integrated communication campaigns!

    Developing an integrated communication campaign is the absolute way to assure that your message is delivered to your target audiences, regardless of how they interact with your organisation.

    Integrated communication campaigns offer the organisation to o...see more

  • Vision, mission and values statements are useful communication tools for any international organisation like institutions, associations or global corporations. These statements can guide your way to interact and communicate with all of your stakeholders.

    If vision and mission statements are now well understood, the utility of values for th...see more

  • The pilot’s point of view

    Developed almost ten years ago, the visual identity of the European Cockpit Association (ECA) is based on a final declaration: a powerful brand strategy presents a central unifying idea around which all behaviours, actions and communications are aligned.

    The central unifying idea behind the identity of ECA...see more

  • #SmartStandards for smarter lighting, A new brand identity for the Zhaga consortium

    The new brand is the result of a prolific rebranding process made within an intimate creative dialogue framework involving the Zhaga’s team, their members and the multidisciplinary staff of the communication agency inextremis.be.

    The Zhaga Consortiu...see more


Our partners span through a large spectrum of European and international institutions, associations and corporations
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