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A newborn among the APPLiA family: Welcome APPLiA Espana! There are various ways to architect a brand. With APPLiA, Home...

04 Oct 2021

A newborn among the APPLiA family: Welcome APPLiA Espana!

There are various ways to architect a brand. With APPLiA, Home Appliance Europe, we have a strong master brand that leverages its strength with national associations that feature the master brand name modified by a national description.

APPLiA is a Brussels-based trade association that provides a single, consensual voice for the home appliance industry in Europe.
It promotes the industry’s general mission to increase product innovation while reducing the environmental impact of appliances.

The APPLiA brand architecture capitalises on deep audience loyalty—its target audiences care about the brand promise they know and love.
The idea behind brand architecture is to make your strategy clearer.
Any brand can see measurable improvements in performance by organising and hierarchising its visual expression. Despite your organisation’s size, an effective brand architecture enables you to segment your messages so that each of your target audiences hears what is specific for them.

When brands and sub-brands are architected in an intelligent, intuitive way, your communication efforts become efficient. Clearly articulating the names of your sub-brands and the messages they have increases the efficacy of your brand positioning.
A brand with clear brand architecture is a brand that is thinking about future growth. By building an intuitive brand architecture, you set the stage for an extension. Your brand becomes a modular entity fit for the addition of new sub-brands.

The APPLiA brand (created in 2018) results from a rebranding process made within an intimate creative dialogue framework involving the APPLIA’s team and the communication agency Page in extremis.

For APPLiA’s Director-General, Paolo Falcioni, the brand image is a logical consequence of analysing the organisation and how “an innovative, sustainable and forward-looking industry deserves to be represented”.

Since its founding 25 years ago, the agency’s branding process has been built on this premise: when you create and implement clearly and consistently an active brand strategy, your brand becomes a real long-term asset for your organisation.

Page in extremis helps you clarify and define a brand strategy that explains your organisation’s very existence. The Belgian communication agency helps your organisation to convey the appropriate message consistently in all of its communication.

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