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Unlock the secrets of effective communication with the online report "Local finances and the green transition in Europe"....

10 Feb 2023

Unlock the secrets of effective communication with the online report "Local finances and the green transition in Europe".

Effective communication is crucial in the digital age to captivate your audience. The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) does just that with their report "Local finances and the green transition in Europe", a decade of financial progress!

As the leading organisation representing local and regional governments across 40 countries, this report provides a unique insight into the changes and developments in subnational finances over the past decade and their role in financing the green transition.

The local public services we depend on every day play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of citizens across Europe. These services are made possible through healthy and sustainable local public finances, from public transportation to schools and energy provision to housing. 

The study analyses the key trends in local finances over the past decade, from the financial crisis's aftermath to the COVID pandemic's beginning. With data collected from 40 European countries, the report offers a wealth of information and insights for politicians and policymakers. 

The data shows that 46% of all local European spending is dedicated to essential areas such as education, health, and social protection, while local debt is low and stable at just 4.8% of GDP.

Local and regional governments also play a vital role in the climate and energy transition, financing 54% of all public investment. This includes investments in energy-efficient housing, more intelligent public transportation, and local environmental protection. 

The study also includes a chapter on the impact of the EU's 720 billion euro post-COVID recovery plan on local and regional governments and their role in the green transition.

In the current context of uncertainty and crisis, it is more important than ever to understand the importance of local finances and investment in Europe. The data is clear - the climate and energy transition will only happen through the collaboration of local and regional governments. By unlocking local investments, we can create sustainable and resilient societies for our people and planet.

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