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Published on
31 May 2024

Exceptional collaboration for a top-notch publication: Brugel’s Annual Report

A Fruitful Alliance for an Exemplary Report

Effective communication is an art; when executed flawlessly, the results speak for themselves. Again, #inextremis partnered with Brugel to produce this year’s informative and inspiring annual report.

What is Brugel?

Brugel is the regulatory authority for the energy market in the Brussels Capital Region. Its mission is to oversee and regulate the electricity and gas markets, ensuring fair competition, transparency, and the protection of consumer interests. Brugel also promotes sustainable energy initiatives and works towards reducing the region’s carbon footprint.

Shared Vision and Goals

From the outset, the goal was to make Brugel’s annual report accessible and engaging, reflecting transparency and commitment to stakeholders.

Harmonious Design and Content

Every element of the report was meticulously crafted. The modern, sleek design draws the reader in. At the same time, the rich, detailed content provides a deep understanding of Brugel’s activities in 2023. This approach ensures that the report doesn’t just present data; it tells a story.

A Conformity to Brugel’s Brand Identity

The report stands out with its elegant and professional graphic design. Clear infographics and colourful charts simplify complex data. The report’s colour palette is consistent with Brugel’s visual identity, ensuring brand coherence and immediate recognition. Well-structured sections with distinct titles and subtitles seamlessly guide the reader through the various chapters.

Diverse and Detailed Content

The report covers various aspects of Brugel’s activities:

– Energy Market Analysis:

Detailed insights into the trends and dynamics of the electricity and gas markets in 2023.

– Sustainability Initiatives:

Actions taken to promote renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprint.

– Regulation and Oversight:

Efforts to ensure a fair and transparent energy market.

– Consumer Engagement:

Sections dedicated to initiatives aimed at enhancing consumer protection and information.

– Future Projects:

A look at Brugel’s upcoming projects and plans, highlighting ongoing commitments to innovation and sustainability.

A Collaborative and Smooth Process

The collaboration with the fantastic Adeline Moerenhout, Communication Advisor at Brugel, was marked by constant communication and perfect synergy, allowing challenges to be overcome and tight deadlines to be met. The final result is a report that faithfully reflects Brugel’s values and ambitions. This fruitful partnership, spanning several years, is a testament to mutual trust and a shared vision.

A Reference Tool for the Future

The 2023 Brugel annual report is more than just an administrative document. It is a reference tool for decision-makers and the public, showcasing # inextremis’s ability to transform complex data into clear, impactful communication.

#inextremis has demonstrated its expertise and commitment to creating high-quality annual reports through harmonious collaboration. Together with Adeline Moerenhout, they have successfully captured Brugel’s essence and conveyed it powerfully and elegantly.

Discover Brugel’s 2023 Annual Report: