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Over the course of the last three decades, #inextremis has built invaluable expertise, and crafted an impressive collection of communication services and projects. Today, we stand ready to go beyond the branding, communication, and marketing needs of European institutions, global corporations, social, environmental, and cultural associations, and many more.

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Elevate your global reach with our expert communication services for international bodies, European associations, and industry leaders.

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Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to engage specific audiences globally and at the EU level for institutions, leading corporations, and influential associations.

Crafting Communication Excellence: The Journey of #Inextremis

Founded in 1994 by Corinne Guichart, a creative director with a distinct vision, #inextremis began as a modest endeavour to enhance organisations’ communication. With a natural talent for understanding impactful messages, Corinne set out to subtly reshape the branding arena. Her dedication and insight have guided our agency to grow and succeed, always staying true to the core values of innovation and authenticity. Shortly after, Alain Steinberg joined forces with a background in international cooperation across Europe.

Their collaboration ignited a spark of success that spread like wildfire. That flame is alive today, as the agency thrives without traditional sales teams and is driven instead by positive word-of-mouth.

#inextremis has attracted a prestigious clientele, including NATO, the World Customs Organization, Eurocontrol, and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, its multidisciplinary team is renowned for its proficiency in providing branding, programmes, and communication campaigns on intricate or sensitive issues. We serve international organisations, European institutions, and associations, championing industrial sectors and societal concerns.


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