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Published on
10 April 2024

How can European railways help create sustainable tourism?

Imagine embarking on a journey through stunning landscapes, the gentle hum of the train and the picturesque countryside, creating a magical experience that no other transportation can offer. What if this experience could also contribute to sustainable tourism? European railways have the potential to do just that with their historic and scenic routes and their commitment to creating a seamless user experience for passengers.

The CER Essays initiative has released a publication about railways and sustainable tourism. It highlights the role of railways in creating sustainable tourism and the need for a modal shift in tourism to more sustainable modes of transportation, particularly rail.

The publication emphasises that European railways are currently the most sustainable mode of transportation and can help meet the growing demand for climate-minded tourists on the market while contributing to economic growth and increasing sustainable mobility options.

European railways have a range of historic and scenic train routes that can create public awareness of sustainable tourism and new tourist routes that European citizens can discover thanks to rail connections across the continent.

Positive incentives for the railway sector and passengers are needed to make the modal switch to rail. European railway undertakings are doing their part by committing to a seamless user experience and providing special offers on Interrail passes. At the same time, the European Commission has enabled VAT exemptions to cross-border tickets.

European railways have the potential to create sustainable tourism through their historic and scenic train routes, their commitment to providing a seamless user experience for passengers, and their contribution to economic growth while increasing sustainable mobility options.

The CER Essays publication on railways and sustainable tourism sets the stage for the railway sector, passengers, and tourism industry representatives to collaborate towards creating sustainable tourism.

CER’s partnership with us has resulted in a top-level publication developed through a creative dialogue between the CER communication team and the agency’s designer unit.