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Why a Multichannel Approach is Essential for a Communication Campaign

Published on
3 June 2024

Capturing Attention, Maximising Retention: The Essence of Multichannel

In today’s information-saturated world, a multichannel communication strategy is crucial for communication campaigns. By leveraging various media to disseminate messages, agencies can capture the attention of their target audience and maximise the retention of essential information. Here’s why a multichannel communication strategy is indispensable.

The Science of Information Retention

Different media have varying information retention rates. Research shows we can significantly enhance retention rates by combining text, images, audio, and video. Here’s an overview of the average retention rates for each type of media:

– Reading (Text): 10%

– Audio (Podcasts, Radio): 20%

– Visual (Images, Infographics): 30%

– Audiovisual (Videos): 50%

– Practical Demonstrations and Interactions (Workshops, Webinars): 70%

– Teaching by Peers (Discussion Groups, Collaborative Projects): 90%

These figures are supported by educational models such as the learning pyramid and cognitive load theories.


The Impact of Multimodal Media

Reading and Visuals

Using text alongside images helps capture attention while facilitating memorisation. A well-designed infographic can transform complex data into visually appealing and easy-to-understand content, thus increasing information retention.

Audio and Audiovisual

Podcasts and videos are particularly effective at engaging audiences. Videos, combining audio and visual elements, provide an immersive experience that can double the retention rate compared to reading alone. Stories and interviews in podcasts can also help humanise messages and establish an emotional connection with the audience.

Interactions and Practice

Workshops and webinars allow participants to engage with the content actively, thereby increasing retention to 70%. Interactive sessions where participants can ask questions and engage in discussions enhance their understanding and memorisation.

Teaching by Peers

Discussion groups and collaborative projects, where participants teach or share knowledge, exhibit impressive retention rates of 90%. This method relies on practical application and rephrasing of information, which solidifies learning.

Scientific Assurance of Retention Rates

The mentioned retention rates are based on empirical studies and well-established educational theories. The learning pyramid model, for instance, is widely used in education to illustrate the relative effectiveness of different learning methods. Additionally, the cognitive load theory developed by John Sweller explains how the brain processes and retains information, highlighting the importance of reducing extraneous cognitive load and optimising germane cognitive load for better retention. These approaches are validated by numerous studies and applied in various educational and professional contexts, enhancing their credibility and relevance for communication campaigns.

The Multichannel Approach: A Strategic Necessity

Maximising Engagement

By diversifying communication channels, you reach your target audience through various touchpoints, increasing engagement. For instance, a campaign that includes blog posts, infographics shared on social media, podcasts, and webinars will reach different segments of your audience, each with their media preferences.

Adapting the Message to the Context

Each channel has its specificities and audiences. By adapting your message according to the medium used, you can optimise the impact of your communication. Short, visual messages are perfect for social media, while blog posts can offer more in-depth analyses.

Creating a Cohesive Experience

A well-executed multichannel approach creates a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. This reinforces the main message and helps build a strong, recognisable brand identity.


Adopting a multichannel approach in your communication campaigns is no longer optional but necessary. Combining various media lets you capture your audience’s attention and maximise information retention, ensuring your key messages remain in memory. To succeed in this complex environment, enlist the help of communication experts who understand the importance of this strategy and can implement it effectively.

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