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Published on
10 April 2024

When discussing public health challenges in Europe, alcohol-related harm often looms large. It’s an issue that requires significant attention and advocacy to effect real change. Enter Eurocare, a leading advocate in this arena. Their newly revamped website is a hub for those seeking to understand and join the fight against alcohol-related harm in Europe.

Eurocare, short for The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, is an alliance of non-governmental and public health organisations advocating preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm in Europe. The organisation’s mission is to advance policies to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in European policy decisions on alcohol. This is done through various means, including working with policymakers, promoting the best information and policy research at all levels, and strengthening cooperation amongst civil society organisations through advocacy campaigns and capacity building.

The organisation values integrity, independence, community, truthfulness about alcohol consumption, and inclusiveness. Their strategy for 2022-2025 is to prevent cancer, non-communicable diseases, social harm, and mental health harm by promoting the best available evidence on alcohol policy. This strategy includes supporting the Beating Cancer Plan, raising awareness about alcohol-related harm, and mobilising and strengthening the capacity of Eurocare members and its partners.

Eurocare’s Policy and Advocacy page reveals that the organisation is well-placed to effect change. Based in Brussels, at the centre of one of the world’s most significant policy advocacy hubs, the Eurocare team leverages decades of insight into EU workings and a Europe-wide network’s expertise in alcohol harm. They hold monthly Alcohol Policy Coordination meetings, produce policy briefs and position papers, and conduct policy advocacy to influence EU decisions.

Eurocare is not just about policy; it’s about raising awareness, too. They run several campaigns and communication activities to create a broad foundation of understanding and support among policymakers, civil society, and engaged citizens. These include the annual Awareness Week on Alcohol-Related Harm, the European Alcohol Policy Conference, and various events.

Recent news and press releases from Eurocare reveal their active involvement in advocating against alcohol-related harm. Some of their current activities include lifting the lid on alcohol lobbying and applauding Ireland’s defiance of wine industry bullying. They also played a significant role in delivering the WHO action plan and continue to call for more stringent restrictions on alcohol marketing and hospitality.

The Eurocare website is a robust platform for the alliance’s mission to reduce alcohol-related harm across Europe. Through their policy work, advocacy, and campaigns, they are committed to raising awareness and effecting policy change. As the fight against alcohol-related harm continues, Eurocare stands at the forefront, championing a world free from alcohol-related harm.

The website is an excellent resource for anyone interested in this cause to stay informed and involved. The rejuvenated Eurocare website exemplifies the conscientious synergy between the committed Eurocare communication team and the prowess of #inextremis, which emerges as an unmatched asset for unravelling the Battle Against Alcohol-Related Harm.