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EPS, the Perfect Green Fit‍

Published on
10 April 2024

Navigating the Sea of Change: EUMEPS and the Art of Aligning Overarching, Brand, and Communication Strategies

In EU policies’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, each industry has opportunities for growth and innovation. With the right strategies, EU associations can adapt and create favourable conditions for the harmonious development of their sector. Just ask EUMEPS, who recently embarked on this transformative journey with us. In this piece, we’ll explore why an EU association needs distinct yet aligned overarching brand and communication strategies and how to execute them successfully.

The EUMEPS Experience: A Case in Point

Our collaboration with EUMEPS began about six months ago with a meticulous assessment of their communication needs. This led to a series of workshops with their members and staff, culminating in launching a comprehensive new communication programme. The entire process, made in close collaboration with Jürgens Lang and his team, is a testament to the power of strategic alignment and member-focused planning.

The Overarching Strategy: Setting the Course

An overarching strategy is a master blueprint outlining long-term goals, including how the association will navigate the European and national regulatory environments. Knowing when to adapt this strategy is critical for staying ahead in a world of opportunities.

The Brand Strategy: Crafting Your Identity

Consider your brand strategy your unique signature in the EU Brussels Bubble. It represents your mission, values, and the emotional connection you aim to forge with stakeholders and members. If your overarching strategy is your compass, your brand strategy is undoubtedly your North Star.

The Communication Strategy: All Hands on Deck

While your overarching and brand strategies lay the groundwork, your communication strategy brings your brand into the spotlight. This is where you decide on the operational details—how, where, and when to communicate your message to your stakeholders.

Synchronised for Success

A highlight of our work with EUMEPS was the seamless alignment of these critical strategies. A change in one often triggers a domino effect, necessitating adjustments across the board. The ultimate aim? Cohesion and harmonisation in all your strategic efforts.

Your Turn: Ready for a Communication Strategic Overhaul?

Expert guidance can make all the difference if your association is gearing up to take advantage of new opportunities in a regulatory landscape. At #inextremis, we specialise in creating resilient, adaptive strategies that empower associations to excel in communication.

In today’s opportunity-rich landscape of EU policy, a well-tuned set of strategies isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must. Don’t be left adrift—join those sailing smoothly towards new horizons.

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