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Building the Sustainable Society of Tomorrow—Today

Published on
14 April 2024

Harnessing Cobalt: Building the Sustainable Society of Tomorrow—Today

Cobalt has become more than just a metal; it has become a fundamental cornerstone of sustainability. Cobalt is crucial in the most critical applications, from powering your smartphone to the electric vehicle you drive. This technology-enabling material is irreplaceable and powers devices and systems essential for a modern and sustainable world.

Recognising cobalt’s integral role, the Cobalt Institute has taken a proactive stance on its sustainable and responsible usage. Amidst increasing demand and complex supply chain risks, the need for rigorous due diligence has become paramount. The automotive industry, a major consumer of cobalt, now demands that its suppliers adhere to stringent sustainability criteria, reflecting these requirements throughout their supply chains.

In 2017, the Cobalt Institute partnered with RCS Global to develop the Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF), setting a precedent for industry-wide risk management in cobalt supply chains.

This initiative underpins the sustainable procurement of cobalt and ensures that every stakeholder in the supply chain upholds the highest standards of environmental and ethical practices.

The partnership between the Cobalt Institute and the communication agency #inextremis has been pivotal in bringing these initiatives to the forefront of industry and public attention.

Based in Brussels, #inextremis has helped shape and amplify the narratives of European institutions engaged with societal and sustainability issues.

Through a dedicated thematic website and targeted social media campaigns on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, #inextremis has crafted a resonating communication strategy. These digital campaigns are not merely about broadcasting messages but engaging stakeholders in meaningful conversations that drive change.

The campaign “Building the Sustainable Society of Tomorrow—Today” encapsulates this vision. It’s a call to action and a testament to the power of collaborative effort in fostering a sustainable future. By aligning communication strategies with the unique needs of their audience, #inextremis ensures that the message of sustainability does not just reach its audience but moves them towards action.

As cobalt continues to enhance our quality of life and enable the technological solutions of tomorrow, it is imperative that its sourcing and application are managed responsibly.

The Cobalt Institute, with the strategic communication expertise of #inextremis, is set on a course to ensure that cobalt remains a force for good in our sustainable future, demonstrating that responsible stewardship and innovative communication are vital to shaping a better world.