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Smoke Free Partnership

Published on
5 March 2024

Crafting Healthier Futures: How #inextremis Elevated the Smoke Free Partnership

In the complex tapestry of global health, where countless organisations strive to weave their narratives into the broader goal of a healthier future, few stand out as distinctly as the Smoke Free Partnership (SFP). Established in 2006, SFP has been a beacon of advocacy and policy reform in the fight against tobacco. Notably, its enhanced visibility and effectiveness can be credited to the strategic brand development led by #inextremis.

A Vision Made Visible

SFP’s vision is nothing short of ambitious: a world where children grow up unencumbered by the harms of tobacco. To transform this vision into a palpable reality, SFP has championed crucial policies across the EU, from advancing smoke-free environments to pushing for robust tobacco taxation under the EU Tobacco Tax Directive. Their achievements, recognised by prestigious awards such as the World No Tobacco Day Award and the Luther L. Terry Award, underscore their relentless pursuit of a healthier world.

The Role of #inextremis in Amplifying a Message

Enter #inextremis, a communication powerhouse with over thirty years of experience tasked with elevating SFP’s brand to match its lofty ambitions. By crafting a comprehensive communication strategy, #inextremis has honed SFP’s message and amplified its voice in a crowded policy arena.

Through a blend of astute EU policy analysis and advocacy linked to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, #inextremis has propelled SFP to the forefront of tobacco control dialogues. Their strategy involves harnessing evidence-based research and a solution-oriented approach, enabling SFP to engage effectively with stakeholders and policymakers, thereby prioritising tobacco control on the political agenda.

A Partnership for Change

The collaboration between SFP and #inextremis is a testament to the power of strategic communication in advancing public health goals. As SFP mobilises support and advocates for change, #inextremis ensures these efforts are heard and resonate across Europe and beyond, influencing immediate priorities and the long-term policy agenda.

This synergy between a dedicated health coalition and a seasoned communication agency illustrates how informed advocacy and strategic branding are critical in steering public health policies towards sustainable outcomes. Together, SFP and #inextremis are not just fighting against tobacco; they are nurturing a vision where public health advocacy and communication excellence converge to create a smoke-free future.

As we look towards this future, it becomes clear that the pathway to substantial public health improvements is paved with the expertise of entities like SFP and #inextremis. Their partnership is a business arrangement and a shared commitment to a healthier, smoke-free world.