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European Union Agency for Railways

Published on
10 April 2024

Celebrating Innovation: Recognition for the CCRCC at a Prestigious Event

A strong brand for your event acts as a promise, setting expectations. When people perceive value, they are ready to invest. Ensure your event’s pledge is both clear and inspirational!

Employing a specific logo and a unique visual identity distinguishes your event, enabling it to stand out amid similar initiatives. A distinctive graphic personality makes your event memorable and recognisable, fostering loyalty and emotional connections. Moreover, after the event concludes, its visual identity aids in its easy recognition in photographs and videos that continue circulating.

Convinced of the benefits of a bespoke event, the European Union Agency for Railways enlisted the expertise of our communication agency #inextremis to craft a digitally animated logo for the Control Command and Railway Communication Conference 2017 (CCRCC 2017). The logo was meticulously designed to align with the European Union Agency for Railways’s visual identity.

In 2018, France Congrès et Événements awarded the CCRCC team an award for successfully organising the ERTMS conference in partnership with Valenciennes Tourism.

#inextremis has extended heartfelt congratulations to their colleagues at the European Union Agency for Railways. We were immensely proud to contribute to this event by creating and animating the logo and the wrap-up video.

#inextremis undertakes significant communication projects for a host of renowned European institutions and associations. We have honed a meticulous process that includes rigorous monitoring and quality checks, ensuring our clients’ maximum satisfaction and outstanding results.

Located in Brussels, we excel in making brand conversations engaging, assisting organisations in connecting with their stakeholders, and effectively delivering their messages.