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Published on
10 April 2024

Steering Through Challenges: The CLEPA Annual Report on Resilience and Innovation

“Automotive suppliers have proactively addressed supply chain disruptions and chip shortages over the past two years, driven by the impact of COVID-19,” states Thorsten Muschal, President of CLEPA, in the 2021-2022 Clepa Annual Report of Activities.

President Muschal elaborates, “The current inflationary period, marked by sharply increased costs particularly in energy, transport, and materials, is exacerbating the pressures on an already strained supply chain.” Yet, he concludes with optimism, asserting, “However, we are a resilient industry and consistently find ways to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.”

Since its foundation in 1959, CLEPA, based in Brussels, has been recognised by international organisations and associations as a key discussion partner, representing over 3,000 companies and encompassing all products and services within the automotive supply chain.

CLEPA unites more than 100 of the world’s leading car parts, systems, and modules suppliers alongside over 20 national trade associations and European sector associations.

The Clepa Annual Report of Activities provides a comprehensive overview of the association’s journey through 2020-2021.

Sigrid de Vries, CLEPA Secretary General, reflects on the recent period: “In a year where operating in crisis mode became the ‘new normal’, the CLEPA secretariat reinforced its role as the proactive voice of the automotive supply industry and further established itself as a trusted advisor for its members.”

Behind these achievements stands a dedicated team committed to proactive policy outreach and effective communication.

Our creative unit is thrilled to collaborate with the exceptional CLEPA team and is proud to have contributed once again to the creative development of the Report of Activities.

The result is a striking publication that fosters an intimate and inventive dialogue between the inspiring CLEPA communication team and our innovative staff.

Available in print and online versions, this publication exemplifies how we enhance your communication programme through integrated campaigns, remarkable events, inspiring publications, and innovative digital solutions.