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Published on
3 April 2024

Why Not Embrace a True Digital Publication? Follow the Lead of ‘European Territories Localise the SDGs’

The ticking clock on environmental sustainability echoes daily, underscoring the urgent need for collective action. With only six summers remaining to significantly advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the spotlight intensifies on the vital efforts unfolding across European territories. The remarkable partnership between Platforma’s committed communication team and the communication agency #pageinextremis has created a pivotal online publication, “European Territories Localise the SDGs”.

A Unified Vision

This digital publication inspires and evidences the strength of shared objectives. In her foreword, Gunn Marit Helgesen, President of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), calls upon all European territories to unite for a common cause. Her message emphasizes the crucial role of local and regional governments in driving the SDGs forward and urges a united effort throughout the Decade of Action.

Strategic Recommendations: Charting a Course for Change

Seven key recommendations targeting EU institutions, national governments, local and regional governments (LRGs), and their national associations form the crux of the collaborative effort. These strategic insights serve as a roadmap to embed the SDGs into local policies, elevating awareness and refining reporting and coordination mechanisms. It’s a guide crafted to navigate and inspire action at every level of governance.

Delving Deeper: Uncovering the Layers

The online publication offers an exhaustive exploration of the efforts to localize SDGs. From initiatives to heighten awareness among citizens and officials to assessing the effectiveness of national reporting on SDGs, the spectrum of challenges and solutions in integrating these global goals at the local level is thoroughly covered. This section shines a light on the intricate process of implementation and monitoring, revealing the contribution of national recovery and resilience plans to sustainable cities and territories.

The Strength of International Cooperation

A standout feature of our endeavour is the emphasis on international cooperation. By sharing case studies and lessons learned, the publication illuminates the transformative power of cross-border collaborations. This narrative acknowledges the complexities while celebrating the successes of global partnerships, offering insights into surmounting obstacles and maximizing the benefits of unified efforts.

Forward-Looking: Carving a Path Together

The journey through this publication reveals a forward-looking vision, a call to arms for all stakeholders to recommit to a sustainable and equitable future. The concluding section doesn’t merely reflect on the journey thus far; it outlines a strategic vision for the road ahead, advocating for intensified efforts and innovative approaches to meet the SDGs by 2030.

The Essence of Our Partnership

The partnership between #inextremis and Platforma’s communication team exemplifies the communication agency’s dedication to supporting sustainability and societal projects. It showcases the capability to bring complex subjects to life, engaging a broad audience with strategic insight and creative flair. This collaboration underscores the belief that the power of co-creation transcends the sharing of tasks, embracing a unity of vision and a collective drive towards a sustainable world.

For those inspired to make a difference in sustainability, this modern publication vividly reminds them of what can be achieved through creativity and purpose. Connect with #inextremis for more insights into this transformative collaboration and how we can help your project make a lasting impact.

Let’s join forces to shape a future where sustainable development isn’t just an aspiration but a tangible reality.

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