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AmCham EU

Published on
28 April 2024

A Benchmark of Excellence: Hybrid Publishing in Action

The unveiling of the “Agenda for Action 2024-2029” by the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) represents an exemplary instance of hybrid publishing, merging the unique advantages of print, web, and PDF formats. This visionary document charts a course for enhancing Europe’s allure to global businesses and investors, particularly those from the United States, amid challenges such as regulatory complexities and slow economic growth. It exemplifies the best practices in publishing, underscoring the significant benefits of an integrated approach for achieving widespread reach and engagement.

Unpacking the Advantages of an Integrated Hybrid Publishing Approach

Our latest project, in close collaboration with the AmCham EU team, including Wendy Lopes, Creative Manager, and Thibaut L’Ortye, Director of Public Affairs, showcases the advantages of hybrid publishing:

Broader Reach and Accessibility: Utilizing print, web, and PDF channels ensures the publication is accessible to a diverse audience, catering to varying preferences across digital and traditional platforms.

Enhanced Engagement: The combination of web multimedia capabilities, the tangible appeal of print, and the versatility of PDFs creates a richer, more engaging reader experience.

Sustainability and Convenience: Digital formats offer easy distribution and accessibility with a reduced environmental footprint while still providing a print option for those who prefer it.

Strategically Addressing Core Priorities

The Agenda for Action strategically focuses on three key areas:

1. A Competitive, Sustainable, and Digital Single Market: Advocating for reforms and investments to enhance innovation and competitiveness.

2. A Strong and Resilient Europe on the International Scene: Enhancing Europe’s global influence through better trade relations and promoting European values.

3. An Equitable and Democratic Europe: Emphasizing the importance of fairness, democracy, and social cohesion in Europe’s progress.

The Vital Role of AmCham EU and Our Agency’s Role in Innovation

AmCham EU is pivotal in advocating for a regulatory environment that promotes growth and competitiveness in Europe. Our contribution to the Agenda for Action project highlights the effectiveness of partnership and innovation, showcasing the importance of an integrated approach in publishing. This approach ensures the document reaches and resonates with its intended audience, facilitating a comprehensive understanding and widespread engagement.

This project has set a new standard for hybrid publishing, demonstrating its capability to surpass traditional communication barriers. As Europe stands at a pivotal moment, the Agenda for Action, coupled with our collaborative effort, manifests our dedication to innovative strategies that promise Europe a flourishing economic and social future. Through this integrated publishing approach, we have underscored the efficiency of combining diverse platforms to articulate and spread a strategic vision, ensuring Europe’s position as a vibrant centre for business and innovation.

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