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Published on
26 April 2024

APPLiA’s Revitalised Website: A Gateway to the Future of the European Home Appliances Industry

Discover the innovative and redesigned APPLiA website, a dynamic and interactive platform that genuinely embodies the visual identity of APPLiA, a Brussels-based trade association representing one of Europe’s largest manufacturing sectors for turnover and employment. As the voice of the home appliance industry in Europe, APPLiA substantially impacts our daily lives, and this website is a testament to that influence.

Get started with a tour of the ‘Featured Content.’ Immerse yourself in in-depth articles exploring the latest industry trends and initiatives. Understand the industry’s role in Europe’s net-zero emissions journey and how it prepares to fit into the 2050 landscape.

Next, head over to the ‘The Latest’ section. Here, you can stay informed on the dynamic landscape of the home appliance industry with timely updates on legal frameworks, sustainable product standards, and member announcements.

Looking for an in-depth analysis? The APPLiA Statistical Report 2021-2022 is your go-to source. Gain a comprehensive view of sustainability, digitalisation, and European competitiveness, all through the lens of the home appliance sector.

Those seeking an interactive experience will love the ‘Latest Videos’ section. Enjoy a wide array of content, from discussions on energy efficiency and the repairability index to tackling cybersecurity risks in appliances.

Want to know more about APPLiA? Visit the ‘About’ section, your one-stop source, for insights into the team, partners, and career opportunities. Follow APPLiA on various social media platforms to stay connected and updated.

Your journey into the home appliance industry doesn’t end here. Explore the APPLiA website, and each visit will further enrich your understanding of this sector’s role in shaping and advancing European lifestyles.

The creation of this engaging platform has been a collaboration that has lasted several months. Beginning with a detailed review of the brand’s identity five years after its rebranding, Paolo Falcioni, General Director of APPLiA, and his communications team, alongside the #inextremis agency, steered the mission.

#inextremis, responsible for the previous branding, worked in synergy with APPLiA’s team to develop a system to evaluate the impact of the organisation’s communication activities. This research, bolstered with questionnaires and workshops, strengthened the international association’s visual system. This laid the foundation for the website’s overhaul, aligning it with the world’s rapid transformations in recent years.

The result perfectly embodies the new strategic direction of APPLiA’s communications, serving the European home appliances sector. Dive in and enjoy the journey!

In Brussels, #inextremis is acclaimed for delivering significant web-focused communication projects for esteemed institutions, European associations, and global private groups.

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