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Unveiling the Hidden Heroes: The EDANA "Nonwovens, you say?" Campaign

A communication campaign is a purposeful initiative, aimed to convey a specific message or series of messages to a particular audience. Typically executed over a predetermined period, the campaign uses various media platforms to achieve targeted objectives such as raising awareness, shaping public opinion, or driving behavioural change.


Unveiling the Hidden Heroes: The EDANA “Nonwovens, you say?” Campaign

In a world where the unseen often carries the most meaningful impact, the “Nonwovens, you say?” campaign by EDANA stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. At its heart, nonwovens, the unsung heroes of everyday life stand in the spotlight. With a meticulously crafted 19-month communication campaign, EDANA embarked on an ambitious journey to clarify the role of the nonwoven industry in daily life and its contributions towards a sustainable future. Here’s how this innovative campaign unfolded.


Bridging Awareness With Innovation

At the core of the campaign stood a dual objective: to elevate nonwovens’ profile and weave a narrative that emotionally connects with its audience. From October 2020 to June 2022, the campaign navigated across the four phases of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action, each designed to engage, educate, and inspire action among the general public and industry insiders alike.


Weaving a Tapestry of Engagement

The strategic deployment of videos, testimonials, and a dedicated website in the initial phase laid a foundation of emotional resonance, drawing the audience into the world of nonwovens. As curiosity heightened, the campaign delved deeper into the innovations and benefits of nonwovens, showcasing their broad presence in products ranging from medical supplies to automotive components. Rich with sustainability stories, the narrative reinforced the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship through efficient manufacturing and recycling capabilities.

A Symphony of Sustainability and Innovation

A pivotal theme of the campaign was sustainability. EDANA spotlighted the nonwoven sector’s proactive involvement in reducing waste and enhancing energy-efficient production. The campaign further ventured into the realm of innovation, exploring the applications of nonwovens in drone technology, electric vehicles, and beyond, presenting the material to its fullest potential.


Cultivating Community and Engagement

The campaign’s multi-faceted approach included an interactive website and several social media platforms, serving as information dissemination and community engagement conduits. The #NonwovensTalks series provided a platform for industry leaders to share insight and foster dialogue on modern global challenges and the role of nonwovens in addressing them. Finally, to consolidate the sense of community among stakeholders, culminating events and get-togethers offered rich networking opportunities.

EDANA 50th—Nonwovens Get-together

“EDANA 50th—Nonwovens Get-together,” the milestone that capped the campaign celebrates EDANA’s 50th anniversary as the leading association in the nonwovens industry. With a long history of collaboration and support for innovation and sustainability in nonwovens, Edana stood in the spotlight. Featuring panel discussions, expert presentations, and an immersive exhibition to reflect on the past and discuss future opportunities for sustainable growth in the nonwoven industry, the event took place in Brussels as a hybrid, including both in-person and virtual participation.



Key aspects of the event include:

  • Immersive workshops and lunches, keynote speeches, and panel discussions covering topics such as EU policy for fair and transparent information to consumers, the nonwoven industry’s sustainability commitment, and growth and innovation strategies.


  • Notable speakers from the nonwovens industry and the European Commission, including Didier Reynders (European Commissioner for Justice), discussed the role of associations and industries in consumer protection, sustainability challenges, and the potential of nonwovens in supporting the Green Deal.


  • A focus on the importance of nonwovens in everyday life, highlighted by the “Nonwovens, you say?” campaign aimed to raise awareness about the material’s benefits and versatile applications.


Measurable Success and Lasting Impact

The “Nonwovens, you say?” campaign achieved remarkable visibility, significantly increasing web page views and social media engagement. The closing event alone attracted 268 participants. This journey from awareness to action proves the effectiveness of emotionally engaging content and educational and interactive activities in driving a successful awareness campaign.



Conclusion: A Future Woven With Possibilities

The EDANA “Nonwovens, you say?” campaign helped to shed light on the indispensable role of nonwovens in modern life alongside the industry’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. By engaging a broad audience in a conversation about the future of nonwovens, EDANA has positioned the industry as a pivotal player in the quest for a sustainable and innovative future.

The campaign stands as a testament to the power of strategic communication in unveiling the hidden heroes of our daily lives, marking a significant milestone in the journey of nonwovens from obscurity to the spotlight.