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Empowering European Finance: A Brand Strategy Revolution by #inextremis for EBF

Strategic communication is defined as the planned use of messaging to achieve an organisation’s goals. It revolves around crafting and relaying specific messages to chosen audiences to shape perceptions and behaviours, ensuring alignment with the organisation’s long-term objectives. Key to its success is the harmonisation of multiple channels and methods to maintain message consistency and impact. Find out how #intextremis delivers on these promises.

Engaging with Excellence: A Transformative Journey

In the dynamic world of European finance, a clear vision and a meticulous strategy are essential to stand out. This is where #inextremis comes in, bringing its expertise in communication strategy to the table. Our partnership with the European Banking Federation (EBF) marks a turning point in redefining the organisation’s narrative within the Brussels Bubble and beyond. Thanks to our signature five-step methodology—Clarify, Define, Personalise, Implement, Measure—we have embarked on a transformative journey to redefine what the EBF is and what it stands for in the European financial ecosystem.

Who We Are: The EBF, Unveiled

The European Banking Federation is the unifying voice of the European banking sector, a colossal network that unites 32 national banking associations. It stands at the heart of Europe’s finances, with over 4,500 banks and 2.5 million people under its flag. With a heritage dating back to 1960, the EBF’s mission has remained unwavering: to foster a unified market for financial services within the EU and champion policies in favour of economic growth. At its core, the EBF is all about bringing dreams into reality—facilitating loans exceeding €20 trillion and handling over 300 million payment transactions daily. The mark of a flourishing society and a thriving European economy.


Envisioning the Future: The EBF’s Vision

Our collaborative effort helps forge a vision of the EBF as a pivotal enabler of a society where dreams are not just dreamt but financed. A vision of a Europe where a secure, stable, and inclusive financial ecosystem is the backbone of economic prosperity and innovation. This vision is not just an aspiration but a roadmap to a future where the EBF continues to play a critical role in shaping a resilient financial landscape.

Mission-Focused: The EBF’s Path to Excellence

Our strategy focuses on several key aspects of the EBF. First, its commitment to regulatory excellence, bringing Europe’s banking community closer to perfect regulatory standards. Second, the pivotal role it plays in partnering for progress, engaging with legislative and regulatory bodies to forge towards a robust Single Market for banking services. Third, its mastery in fluent networking, its extensive European representation leveraged to foster competitiveness and innovation within the sector.


Values That Guide: The Pillars of EBF

All of the above is made possible through the EBF’s core values: Integrity, Aiming Higher, Clarity, and Togetherness. Thanks to this ethos that serves as a guiding principle, the EBF remains centred on its mission to support Europe’s financial ecosystem.

A Strategic Partnership for the Ages

This collaboration between #inextremis and the European Banking Federation is a partnership for the ages, aimed at elevating the banking sector’s narrative within Europe and beyond. Through strategic insight, a creative expertise, and deep understanding of the financial landscape, we are proud to have contributed in positioning the EBF as a beacon of progress, stability, and inclusivity in the European financial sector.



Wim Mijs, CEO EBF



Your Ally in Strategic Communication

For heads of communication and communication managers seeking a partner who understands the nuances of strategic communication, #inextremis stands ready. With our expertise and your vision, together, we can redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.