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Charting the Course for Sustainable Futures: A Case Study of Modern and Innovative Communication by #inextremis

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Charting the Course for Sustainable Futures: A Case Study of Modern and Innovative Communication by #inextremis


In the heart of a bustling New York City, during a special United Nations event, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and PLATFORMA revealed their annual study on localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Led by CEMR President Gunn Marit Helgesen at the 6th Local and Regional Governments Forum on the 2030 Agenda, this presentation marked a significant moment in the ongoing dialogue surrounding sustainable development at local and regional levels.


Through this case study, discover how #inextremis, in close partnership with its client’s communication team, transformed a report dense with information into a revolutionary digital communication strategy. The strategy revolved around the development of a comprehensive hybrid publication, available in both digital and print formats, which centred on the pivotal role played by local and regional governments in achieving the SDGs.


With data collected from 41 local and regional associations across greater Europe, the complete online report made an irrefutable case: approximately 65% of the 169 targets underpinning the 17 SDGs cannot be met without the active involvement of local governments. This revelation served as a call-to-action for national and European institutions, urging them to recognise and include the progress made by municipalities and regions in their SDG reports. The narrative around this study did not revolve about numbers; it was a story of empowerment, partnership, and the critical role of decentralised cooperation in realising the 2030 Agenda.





“Time is of the essence,” warned Gunn Marit Helgesen (CEMR President), noting the fast-approaching midpoint towards the 2030 Agenda. A theme of urgency that was reccuring throughout the event.

By leveraging digital storytelling, engaging social media campaigns, and impactful visual content, the client’s communication team enhanced the voices of mayors and municipal councillors at the forefront of this global endeavour.

Personal stories from leaders like Magda Kostava from Kutaisi, Georgia, and Wim Dries, Mayor of Genk, Belgium, brought the necessary human touch that made the SDGs into a more tangible and actionable reality for the general public.

The campaign made use of the #HLPF2023 and #LocalizingSDGs hashtags to engage with a broader audience online, and encourage discussion around the importance of local action in the global sustainability narrative. At this initiative’s core stood the understanding that to mobilise action, communication must resonate on a personal level. Through a direct call to the commitments and concrete actions of local and regional governments, the campaign raised awareness and opened the way for others to follow suit.


As a result, the annual study presented at the UN event became more than just a report. It was a testament to the power of local initiatives in the global quest for sustainability. #inextremis’s modern and innovative involvement in this digital publication served to amplify this message, and position the agency as a leader in creating compelling online publications that drive change.