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Published on
24 April 2024

Bridging Gaps: How #inextremis Amplified the Voice of Refugee Integration for Adecco

Our world is increasingly defined by flux and transformation, and integrating refugees into the labour market is a humanitarian and strategic necessity. Recognising this, The Adecco Group, collaborating with prestigious institutions like Heidelberg University and the Centre for European Economic Research, unveiled a groundbreaking white paper on ‘The Labour Market Integration of Refugees’. This publication, designed by #inextremis, was launched to coincide with World Refugee Day, spotlighting a pivotal issue that affects millions globally.

At #inextremis, we were privileged to craft and execute a comprehensive communication strategy that brought this significant research into the limelight. Our multifaceted approach was designed to resonate across various platforms, maximising outreach and impact.

Crafting Compelling Materials

Firstly, our creative team developed a series of engaging materials that distilled complex research findings into accessible, impactful messages. This included infographics visually representing data on how integrating refugees can spur long-term GDP growth and alleviate fiscal impacts. By simplifying intricate data, these visuals made the compelling case for swifter workplace integration, not only as a moral obligation but as an economic opportunity for Europe.

Strategic Social Media Campaign

Understanding the power of digital narratives, we launched a targeted social media campaign that amplified the white paper’s insights. Our strategy involved crafting tailored content that spoke directly to key stakeholders—including policymakers, business leaders, and the broader public—highlighting the shared benefits of inclusive labour policies. Through thoughtful posts and engaging discussions, we fostered a platform for dialogue, where best practices shared by eighteen European employers were showcased, illustrating the critical roles of leadership tone, networking, flexibility, and problem-solving in the integration process.

Engaging with the Community

To deepen the impact, our campaign also included community engagement elements. Interactive webinars and panel discussions with experts from Heidelberg University and involved employers were organised, offering a live platform for exchange and learning. These sessions highlighted the research findings and allowed for real-time interaction, questions, and clarifications from a diverse audience.

Outcome and Impact

The result was a comprehensive communication endeavour highlighting the Adecco Group’s leadership in addressing refugee integration and positioning them as a forward-thinking organisation committed to addressing global labour market imbalances. The campaign reached thousands across social media and other platforms and sparked meaningful conversations about the role of businesses in societal integration.

At #inextremis, we take pride in transforming complex research into compelling communication that resonates with diverse audiences, fostering understanding and action on critical societal issues. If you want to amplify your message and achieve tangible outcomes, let’s connect and make your vision a reality.