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The Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards

Published on
18 April 2024

Pioneering the Future: The Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards and # inextremis’s Digital Campaign

The Zhaga Consortium’s Smart City Sensor Awards stand out as a beacon of progress and ingenuity in the heart of smart city innovation. Tasked with promoting this prestigious event, the communication agency #inextremis has brilliantly encapsulated the essence of modern urban innovation in its comprehensive campaign.

A New Era for Smart Cities

The Zhaga Consortium has been a pivotal force in redefining urban landscapes. Over the past seven years, they’ve engineered a universal platform that turns streetlights into the backbone of smart city connectivity. Positioned strategically throughout cities, these streetlights are not just providers of light but pivotal hubs equipped to host a variety of smart sensors.

The Birth of the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards

Recognising the transformative impact of their platform, the Zhaga Consortium introduced the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards. This initiative seeks to honour outstanding innovations in smart sensors that align with the Zhaga Book 18 standard and are suitable for Zhaga-D4i certification. It’s a celebration of technological advancement and the visionaries behind these innovations.

inextremis: Crafting a Campaign that Connects

When promoting such a groundbreaking event, the Zhaga Consortium entrusted the creative prowess of #inextremis. Based in Brussels, our agency is renowned for its ability to forge conversational connections that resonate deeply with stakeholders. For the Zhaga Awards, the agency developed a dynamic content strategy in collaboration with Axel Baschnagel. This strategy encompasses a vibrant new logo, an engaging award-specific website, captivating videos, robust social media engagement, and insightful case studies, each element meticulously designed to amplify the message of innovation.

The Impact of # inextremis’s Campaign

Through # inextremis’s strategic and creative efforts, the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards have been a competition and a focal point of a broader dialogue about the future of urban living. With over 200 families of luminaires from leading global manufacturers already certified, Zhaga is paving the cheapest route for deploying smart sensors across cities.

A Call to Innovators

The Zhaga Awards are more than a platform for recognition; they are a call to action for manufacturers, innovators, academics, and students to contribute to the smart city revolution. By participating, they become part of a movement setting the foundations for smarter, more efficient urban environments.

Conclusion: A Vision Shared by Many

The Zhaga Consortium and #inextremis collaboration represents a perfect synergy of technological foresight and creative communication. As we look towards a future where smart cities are the norm, the role of initiatives like the Zhaga Smart City Sensor Awards and the visionary campaigns that support them cannot be overstated. Through such partnerships, we can envisage a world where technology makes urban environments smarter, more humane, and more responsive to our needs.

The journey towards smart cities is complex and fraught with challenges, but with the combined efforts of innovators and communicators like #inextremis, the future is bright and promising.