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Direct Selling Is

Published on
1 April 2024

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling: The Success of the “Direct Selling Is” Campaign

In a world where digital interaction often trumps face-to-face engagement, effective social media campaigns are critical for expanding brand awareness and connecting with audiences on a meaningful level. The “Direct Selling Is” campaign, masterfully crafted by #inextremis for Seldia, the European association of the direct selling industry, exemplifies how tailored social media strategies can resonate deeply with audiences.

The Essence of Connection

Social media transforms the communication landscape, offering a platform that spans Europe. It’s not just about the superficial interactions—likes, comments, or follows. It’s about forging deeper connections by sharing compelling content that educates and engages. The “Direct Selling Is” campaign leverages this potential by initiating conversations through video testimonials—a format that thrives on social media. These videos do more than share messages; they invite viewers into the personal experiences of direct sellers, providing answers to fundamental questions about the industry and its community.

Strategic Content Distribution

A key to the campaign’s success lies in its strategic approach to content distribution. Tailoring content to fit different social media platforms ensures the message reaches and appeals to diverse audiences. By consistently echoing the campaign’s core messages across various media without redundancy, the campaign ensures that its essence is retained and reinforced with each interaction.

Interactive and Engaging

Using the hashtag #DirectSellingIs invites participation, turning passive viewers into active storytellers. This interactive element of the campaign encourages followers to share their experiences and stories, enriching the community’s narrative and organically expanding the campaign’s reach.

A Platform for Education

The campaign website,, is a hub for education and engagement. It provides visitors valuable insights into the direct selling industry, including the latest facts and figures, personal stories, and video content. This resource is crucial for building a well-informed community that can advocate for the industry from a position of knowledge and personal experience.

The Role of #inextremis

Behind this impactful campaign is #inextremis, our Brussels-based communication agency known for its creative and strategic expertise in building brand identity and engagement. Working closely with the Seldia team, #inextremis has designed and executed a campaign that perfectly aligns with the client’s objectives, showcasing their ability to craft strategies that resonate and inspire.

Why Choose #inextremis?

For organisations looking to make a genuine impact through their social media presence, collaborating with an experienced agency like #inextremis is crucial. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are adept at transforming strategic visions into compelling visual and narrative content that connects and stays with the audience.