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ESMA’s Brand Reveal

Published on
25 April 2024

Mastering Social Media Campaign

In the ever-evolving world of branding and communication, capturing and retaining your audience’s attention is crucial. That’s where we at #inextremis step in with our innovative approaches and deep industry expertise. Our collaboration with ESMA exemplifies how strategic communication can breathe new life into a brand, reinforcing its presence both online and in the minds of its stakeholders.

About ESMA

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is a pivotal entity within the financial regulatory structure of the European Union. Tasked with enhancing the functioning of financial markets across Europe, ESMA aims to bolster investor protection and foster cooperation among national supervisory authorities. The organisation plays a critical role in establishing a consistent regulatory framework, ensuring financial stability, and upholding the integrity of EU financial markets. This rebranding initiative was designed to reflect ESMA’s core values and objectives and to boost its visibility and authority as a leading regulatory body in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

Crafting a Cohesive Narrative

The challenge was clear: launch ESMA’s refreshed brand identity in a manner that resonates. Our strategy? Produce a suite of dynamic multimedia content that introduces the new brand and engages an established audience. At the forefront were two captivating videos, each approximately 45 seconds long, designed for versatility across various platforms, from YouTube to direct social media uploads.

The launch video of the new brand ESMA

Engaging Teasers to Spark Curiosity

Understanding the power of anticipation, we extracted roughly 10-second clips from the main animations to serve as tantalising teasers. These snippets, linked to a vibrant and interactive webpage showcasing ESMA’s new identity, were strategically placed across social networks to maximise impact and drive traffic.

10-second clips

Visual and Editorial Synchronicity

We created a series of visually striking static teasers tailored for Twitter and LinkedIn to complement our video efforts. These images were not just eye-catching; they were crafted with editorial precision to ensure they succinctly and effectively conveyed the essence of ESMA’s brand message.

Strategic Scheduling and Impact Measurement

Timing is everything in communication. Our team meticulously planned a posting schedule to optimise visibility and engagement. Beyond mere planning, we equipped ESMA with the tools and knowledge to measure the impact of each post, ensuring the campaign’s performance could be analysed and adapted in real time.

Personalised Engagement Strategies

Recognising the importance of influencer engagement, we also guided targeting key personalities who could amplify our message further. Our comprehensive approach meant we could manage all aspects of the campaign, including posting.

Results that Speak Volumes

By the end of the campaign, we had rolled out two full videos, eight video extracts, and numerous static teasers, amounting to a robust four-week communication plan with over 20 impactful posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. This strategic distribution not only maintained a steady stream of interest but also effectively cemented ESMA’s new brand identity in the digital realm.

At #inextremis, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our work with ESMA is a testament to how tailored communication strategies and creative content can combine to create a powerful brand experience. Are you ready to transform your brand’s identity and make a lasting impact? Let’s connect and set your brand on the path to success.