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The Migratory Species Champion Programme

Published on
20 April 2024

Flying High: How the Migratory Species Champion Programme is Spearheading Conservation Efforts

When biodiversity is increasingly threatened, innovative conservation efforts like the Migratory Species Champion Programme (MSCP) are crucial. Developed by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) and its associated agreements, collectively known as the CMS Family, this initiative is vital in protecting migratory wildlife worldwide. The CMS Secretariat is provided and administered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Essence of the Champion Programme

At its core, the MSCP is designed to foster sustainable support for wildlife conservation. By raising commitments to provide medium- and long-term resources, the programme ensures the timely planning and implementation of conservation actions. This structure bolsters current efforts and secures future advancements in migratory species protection.

Who Can Become a Champion?

Champions are not limited to governments or large corporations; instead, they encompass any entity or individual willing to commit at least three years to one or more specific CMS Family initiatives. Contributions can be annual or one-off payments, and in-kind donations are also welcomed, provided they meet the programme’s standards. Being a Champion means more than being a donor; it signifies becoming an advocate and an integral part of the solution to conservation challenges.

What Does a Champion Support?

The programme offers a portfolio of initiatives targeting specific species, groups of species, or broader conservation issues. Each initiative comprises a set of activities that contribute to the overarching goals of the MSCP, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the conservation of migratory species.

The Benefits of Becoming a Champion

Champions gain significant recognition for their contributions. They are acknowledged with certificates that testify to their support, and they can promote their commitment nationally and internationally. The programme’s dedicated webpage further highlights the results and ongoing efforts, providing Champions with a platform to showcase their involvement.

Acknowledgement and Rewards

The structure of the Champion programme includes different categories of recognition, depending on the contribution level. From ‘Champion’ for annual contributions between €20,000 and €50,000 to ‘Champion Extraordinaire’ for continuous support, each level offers distinct acknowledgements, enhancing the donors’ visibility and impact.

Rolling Recognition

Engaging and awarding Champions is ongoing and facilitated by each Secretariat within the CMS Family. Existing Champions also organise special Events, further enhancing the communal aspect of the programme and encouraging new participants to join the cause.

Why It Matters

For agencies like #inextremis, which are involved in creating impactful communication strategies, the Migratory Species Champion Programme offers a compelling case study. It demonstrates the power of strategic communication in fostering significant environmental action and showcases the potential for collaborative conservation efforts to effect real change.

Organisations simplify their impact by aligning with such initiatives and contributing to a sustainable future. They prove we can keep the natural world moving towards a brighter tomorrow when we fly, run, and swim together.