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Greater Strength in Sync

Published on
6 March 2024

Uniting for a Sustainable Future: #inextremis Crafts UNEP’s Vision in the “Greater Strength in Sync” Logo

In the picturesque setting of Bali’s International Convention Centre Auditorium, a landmark event unfolded in 2010. The simultaneous extraordinary meetings of the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions brought together a global audience, all focused on a single goal—enhancing international environmental cooperation. At the heart of this event was a powerful symbol designed to encapsulate its essence: the “Greater Strength in Sync” logo, masterfully developed by our communication agency #inextremis.

Based in Brussels, with over 30 years of expertise, #inextremis has established itself as a leader in branding and communication for global institutions and corporations. Our logo creation for this UNEP event is a testament to our understanding of visual communication and its impact on global narratives.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as the leading authority on global environmental advocacy, champions the mission to inspire and enable nations to foster a sustainable future. Their relentless pursuit of solutions for the triple planetary crisis—climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution—makes their events crucial converging points for international dialogue.

The logo created by #inextremis for the “Greater Strength in Sync” event was a narrative tool. It reflected the participating nations’ synergy and unified commitment to a sustainable planet. This emblem encapsulated the essence of the conferences—cooperation and collective action—rendered in a design that resonates with clarity and purpose.

Expert agencies like ours provide the clarity of message and visual impact indispensable for communication managers attending global summits and high-stakes environmental discussions. Our ability to translate complex environmental challenges into compelling, understandable visual narratives drives engagement and fosters a shared understanding among diverse stakeholders.

As we look towards a future where environmental concerns are increasingly at the forefront of global policy agendas, the role of specialised communication agencies becomes even more critical. We stand out as a strategic partner capable of delivering messages that are heard, felt, and acted upon. Our work with UNEP demonstrates how strategic communication can amplify the impact of international environmental governance.

Discover how #inextremis can transform your environmental mission into a compelling global narrative.