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European Aids Treatment Group

Published on
13 March 2024

Empowering Change: How #inextremis Shapes EATG’s Mission for a Healthier Europe

In the heart of Brussels, #inextremis has been turning heads with its innovative and impactful approach to branding and strategic communication. Known for their extensive experience and creative prowess, we at #inextremis undertook a project that underscores our commitment to societal impact through powerful communication strategies—the rebranding of the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG).

EATG, an influential patient-led NGO, has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights and interests of individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and related co-infections within the WHO Europe region. Founded in 1992, EATG operates as a vibrant network of over 150 members from 45 countries, representing a diverse community impacted by HIV/AIDS. This group collectively voices the concerns and needs of more than 2.3 million people living with HIV in Europe.

The mission of EATG is clear and compelling: to ensure equitable, timely, and sustainable access to effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and holistic care for all those affected by HIV and associated conditions. Their programmatic work spans various critical areas, including improving health-related quality of life, increasing the usage of combination prevention and testing strategies, and ensuring the advancement of medical research and healthcare innovations.

Enter #inextremis, with over 30 years of expertise in brand strategy and communication design, tasked with developing a brand identity that reflects EATG’s core values and mission. The challenge was to create a visual identity and forge a narrative that resonates deeply with the affected communities and stakeholders involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

Our agency’s approach was multifaceted, integrating comprehensive communication strategies to amplify EATG’s message across Europe. By harnessing the power of engaging storytelling and innovative design, #inextremis helped EATG articulate its goals and connect more effectively with its audience. This included enhancing the visibility of their initiatives, facilitating better engagement with policy-makers, and empowering patients through improved information dissemination.

If your organisation seeks to elevate its brand and message, consider how #inextremis could be your ideal partner in navigating the complexities of effective communication in today’s dynamic environment. Our track record speaks volumes, and our innovative approach and dedication to societal issues set us apart as leaders in the communication field.