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Child Focus

Published on
8 March 2024

Why Rebranding Could Revolutionise Your Organisation

Every organisation evolves over time, and its visual identity may begin to scatter as it grows. This natural dispersion is the most common catalyst for a branding exercise. Why? Because a cohesive brand is crucial for recognition and impact.

Imagine a brand as a living entity: it is born, matures, and sometimes ages. As it matures, its expression can become fragmented. Different teams might interpret the brand’s vision differently, leading to a scattered brand identity. Establishing clear rules and principles that ensure consistency and recognition across all touchpoints is vital.

Consider the case of the Belgian association Child Focus in 2011.

The scattering of its visual identity prompted the communications director to seek the expertise of #inextremis. Our solution? A comprehensive graphic charter that encapsulated all usage rules and principles, ensuring that every stakeholder could represent the brand consistently.

#inextremis has been intimately familiar with Child Focus, having produced annual reports since the first edition. This deep understanding has enabled us to maintain the essence of their brand while ensuring it remains fresh and engaging.

The Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, which operates under Child Focus, relies on public funds for a third of its needs, with the remainder funded by businesses and the general public. This foundation operates tirelessly, offering services 24/7 to combat the sexual exploitation of minors and locate missing children.

Our continued involvement with sensitive childhood issues extends to providing expertise in producing reports and brochures for the Eurochild network at the European level.

At #inextremis, we are dedicated to strengthening your brand’s cohesion. We develop guidelines that are easy to implement and flexible enough to allow your brand to express itself creatively and recognisably.

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