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The Filtered Project

Published on
18 March 2024

Crafting Public Health Narratives: The #inextremis Approach to FILTERED Project Branding

In the bustling heart of Brussels, an initiative is taking shape that aims to redefine public health advocacy. At the helm of branding for the FILTERED project is #inextremis, renowned for its innovative and strategic approaches. With over three decades of expertise, #inextremis has developed a logo that encapsulates the essence of a collaborative effort against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like tobacco, alcohol, and unhealthy diets.

The FILTERED project, hosted by Eurocare, marks a pivotal turn in how civil society tackles public health challenges. The project’s kick-off, held on 21 February 2024 in Brussels, was a meeting and a confluence of pivotal stakeholders, including DG SANTE, HaDEA, and EuroHealthNet. The project brings together diverse partners like the European Heart Network and Smoke Free Partnership, united under a bold vision articulated during this gathering.

The logo crafted by #inextremis for FILTERED isn’t merely a symbol but a banner under which these organisations rally. It reflects the commitment to integrate efforts and speak with a unified voice—an innovative approach when addressing the risk factors for NCDs. This integration is crucial, as stated by Artur Furtado of DG SANTE, who praised the project’s potential to effectively reach and influence policymakers across various sectors, including taxation, agriculture, and trade.

Our role extends beyond logo design. The comprehensive strategy for the FILTERED project includes developing a communication plan that aligns with the project’s objectives to enhance advocacy impact. The approach taken by#inextremis ensures that every element of the campaign is coherent and synergistic, facilitating a more robust, unified front in public health advocacy.

This strategic approach is informed by the troubling statistics shared by Mr Furtado during the meeting: 80% of the health burden in the EU stems from NCDs, 70% of which is preventable, yet only 3% of health budgets are dedicated to prevention. These figures underscore the urgent need for more ambitious policymaking, a challenge that the FILTERED project is poised to address with#inextremis at its branding forefront.

As the FILTERED project progresses, #inextremis’s expertise in creating compelling visual and strategic communication will undoubtedly be a cornerstone of its success. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaborative advocacy and strategic communication in tackling some of today’s most pressing public health issues. With #inextremis’s creative leadership, the future of public health advocacy looks brighter and more unified.

Thus, when considering a partner to craft narratives that resonate and motivate change, #inextremis stands out as the ideal collaborator. We are ready to transform challenges into opportunities for impactful communication. Our expertise is creating visuals and forging narratives that drive public health advancements.