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The Council of European Municipalities and Regions

Published on
25 March 2024

A Visual Identity for the IncluCities EU Project: Fostering Integration and Community Cohesion

Over the past decade, thousands of migrants and asylum seekers have arrived in Europe, fleeing instability in their countries and seeking a better life. Yet, integrating these new arrivals has posed significant challenges, with several EU countries grappling with effective responses.

Local and regional authorities are crucial in facilitating migrant integration on the ground, primarily by providing housing, training, and opportunities for dialogue with the host community. Unfortunately, these local governments often find themselves under-supported in these efforts.

The IncluCities project was initiated to address this issue. This three-year endeavour, led by CEMR—the oldest and broadest European association of local and regional governments—and funded by the European Union, aims to bridge these gaps.

The project operates on four mentoring schemes that span education and training, access to essential services, active participation, social inclusion, and housing. In this innovative approach, cities are paired in twos, with one acting as a mentor and the other as a mentee, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

At the heart of IncluCities is a brand new logo, born from a genuine collaboration between the CEMR team and the creative unit of the branding agency, #inextremis.

With over 30 years of experience guiding organisations to define and articulate their uniqueness, the multidisciplinary team at #inextremis translates your organisation’s core ideas into intelligent and adequate visual systems.

Located in Brussels, we are well-equipped to help you define the essence of your brand and articulate its distinction in a positive relationship with its environment and stakeholders.