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Published on
23 February 2024

Innovation at the Forefront: Seldia’s Transformation

Seldia, the esteemed representative body for Europe’s direct selling sector, boasts membership from 27 European Direct Selling Associations, including 22 within EU Member States. Representing over 1,000 direct-selling companies directly through its corporate members and indirectly through national associations, Seldia commands an impressive annual turnover exceeding €40 billion and engages 12 million independent direct sellers.

In 2011, #inextremis was instrumental in rejuvenating the association’s name and identity and revamping the design of all communication media, including digital platforms such as the website and e-newsletters.

Page in extremis is a strategic design and communication agency, embodied by a senior multidisciplinary team. We build brands and strengthen the reputation of leading corporations, institutions and associations.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Seldia’s Executive Director, Maurits Bruggink, featured in the digital newspaper “The World of Direct Selling”:

Maurits Bruggink Shares Insights on Rebranding Challenges and Triumphs

“Could you share the journey you’ve embarked on so far?

“Renaming an organisation that operates on a consensus basis is never straightforward. Fortunately, we reached a unanimous decision on the new name and visual identity. This success was significantly influenced by the stellar contributions of the graphic agency Page in extremis, who delivered a compelling proposition. Their approach included a survey among members and a webinar showcasing graphic options. The outcome is a brand name that is easily pronounceable in multiple languages, directly connects to direct selling, and appeals to new generations with its vibrant and colourful logo.”

#inextremis is a communication agency dedicated to ensuring that each of your publications is an integral part of a broader strategic communication plan, tailor-made to meet your objectives.