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Liquid Gas Europe

Published on
12 April 2024

Welcome to Liquid Gas Europe

Liquid Gas Europe, formerly AEGPL, has undergone a transformative rebranding. While its name and visual identity have evolved, its core mission as the European LPG Association continues to champion the myriad benefits of LPG as a clean, safe, and versatile energy source.

Embracing a New Identity

The transition to Liquid Gas Europe marks a significant milestone. Comprising national LPG associations, major European LPG distributors, and equipment manufacturers, it is a robust collective dedicated to advancing LPG within Europe.

Driven by Expertise

The industry expert working groups actively engage in concrete initiatives and programs, aiming to ensure the sustainable, safe, and efficient development of LPG across the continent.

Educational Endeavours and Industry Connection

Liquid Gas Europe is committed to designing, developing, and delivering projects that educate the public about LPG’s benefits. They bridge connections between the industry and the media and produce campaigns advocating increased LPG adoption as a vital energy source.

A Partnership with #inextremis

inextremis has been entrusted with branding responsibilities, including creating a new name, logo, and dynamic visual system. With more than 30 years of experience, our multidisciplinary agency excels in guiding organisations along their unique paths to define and articulate their identities. Our team expertly translates core organisational ideas into compelling visual representations.

Building Brands and Strengthening Reputations

We are renowned for building brands and enhancing the reputations of prominent organisations, European associations, and global corporations. Our collaboration with Liquid Gas Europe is a testament to our commitment to excellence in communication and branding.

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