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i-City Brussels

Published on
26 February 2024

i-CITY: Transforming Brussels with Digital Innovation

Established years ago by the City of Brussels, G.I.A.L. has recently been rechristened as i-CITY. This change underscores a significant shift in focus—from primarily serving local administrations to empowering the entire City of Brussels through advanced IT solutions. i-CITY represents a new era of responsiveness to the needs of citizens, city administrators, and elected officials.

The evolution of this association is vividly captured in its new branding. The amalgamation of ‘BXL’ and ‘i-CITY’ in the logo, alongside the fresh slogan “Brussels Digital & Citizen Friendly,” reflects a commitment to technological advancement and community engagement. The rebrand extends to using striking images of Brussels in promotional materials and a revamped website,, further emphasising the city’s digital transformation.

A landmark management contract signed in 2016 between the city and the association—marking the first collaboration of its kind with a non-profit entity—set forth clear objectives for i-CITY. These objectives are aligned with the ambitious BXL2021 project and the development of the new Brucity administrative centre, focusing on delivering timely and innovative solutions.

i-CITY is poised to redefine tomorrow’s digital landscape in Brussels, ensuring all citizens have straightforward, reliable, and competitive access to digital city services. The organisation is committed to supporting the City of Brussels from the initial concept to the implementation of various projects.

To aid in this transformative journey, i-CITY has engaged #inextremis, a leading branding agency with over 30 years of experience guiding organisations to articulate their unique identity.

Our team excels in translating core ideas into coherent and visually striking communication strategies, ensuring that i-CITY’s new chapter is felt across Brussels and beyond.