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Published on
20 April 2024

The FIEC Online Manifesto for a Resilient and Sustainable Europe

In the heart of Europe’s dynamic construction sector, the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) unveils its ambitious manifesto for 2024-2029, setting a new benchmark for resilience and sustainability in construction. With a network spanning 32 national member federations across 27 countries, FIEC emerges as the definitive voice advocating for construction enterprises of all dimensions, from local family-owned businesses to towering global giants.

Embracing a Dual Transition: Green and Digital

At the forefront of FIEC’s mission lies a dual commitment: to spearhead the green and digital transitions within the construction industry. This pledge centres around sustainability, innovation, social dialogue, and best practices. FIEC envisions the construction sector as a pivotal player in enhancing the quality of life for Europeans and driving the continent’s economic vitality and competitive edge.

Charting the Course: The FIEC Manifesto

As Europe gears up for the 2024 elections, FIEC’s manifesto delivers a clear and potent message to future policymakers, mapping out a strategic vision for the construction industry’s evolution. This blueprint for action zeroes in on creating a conducive environment for public procurement, boosting infrastructure investment for enhanced competitiveness, and embedding construction at the core of Europe’s sustainable transformation.

Pillars of Progress

The manifesto’s cornerstone principles are designed to fortify the industry’s foundation:

Enhanced Public Procurement Frameworks: Cultivating an ecosystem ripe for fair competition.

Strategic Infrastructure Investment: Bolstering competitiveness while safeguarding safety and environmental integrity.

Sustainable Society Integration: Seamlessly weaving construction into the fabric of ecological transition.

Effective EU Taxonomy Implementation: Backing sustainable activities robustly.

Climate-Resilient Urban Landscapes: Crafting future cities ready to face climatic adversities.

Bridging the Labour and Skills Divide: Addressing the critical labour and skills shortage.

Promotion of Fair Work Conditions: Guaranteeing equitable work conditions for everyone.

Cultivating a Prevention Culture: Enhancing workplace health and safety through prevention.

Fair Play on the International Stage: Leveling the field for European and international contractors.

Rallying for Collective Action

The FIEC Manifesto transcends mere aspiration to embody a tangible action plan, signalling a firm commitment to revamp public procurement, champion fair competition, ignite innovation, and invest in human and infrastructural capital. It exemplifies FIEC’s resolve to forge a world where civil engineering and technology work together to promote structural integrity and social and environmental stewardship.

FIEC’s call to action invites EU policymakers to embark on this transformative journey. Together, there’s an unprecedented opportunity to steer the construction industry towards leading in sustainable development, ensuring universally fair working conditions, and upholding a safety and health culture for all.

This manifesto, a collaborative endeavour spearheaded by FIEC and the visionary Domenico Campogrande, alongside #inextremis, represents a hallmark of EU digital advocacy. Translated into 10 European languages, it is a testament to our communication agency’s prowess in amplifying EU Associations’ voices, meticulously tailoring our approach to meet their unique needs and ambitions. Let’s pave the way to a greener, more resilient Europe together.

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