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BRUGEL Annual Report 2020 Interview Pascal Misselyn & Thibaut Georgin

Published on
25 April 2024
  1. Impact of COVID-19: The COVID-19 crisis significantly affected the energy sector in 2020, impacting market dynamics, including behaviour among professional and residential consumers, and leading to changes in energy prices.

  2. Remote Operations: BRUGEL adapted to the pandemic by transitioning to remote operations, utilising video conferences and online meetings to maintain its functions throughout 2020.

  3. Policy Actions: BRUGEL advised public authorities, recommending three main actions: extending the winter moratorium to prevent residential utility disconnections, offering protected status and preferential rates to independent workers, and conducting financial monitoring to ensure the financial health of utility providers.

  4. Energy Transition Initiatives: The agency actively pursued energy transition, approving innovative projects through its regulatory sandbox and working towards a low-carbon society by 2030 with new players, including startups and SMEs, contributing to renewable energy and decentralised production.

  5. Water Sector Oversight: In the water sector, BRUGEL provided technical and legal expertise, focused on tariff methodology and audits of water operators. Implementing new tariff methodologies was postponed due to the pandemic, allowing time to develop measures to address water affordability challenges.