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Single European Railway Area (SERA) Conferences

Published on
23 April 2024
  1. Legislative Reform: The Single European Railway Area (SERA) represents a significant legislative reform aimed at creating a unified railway system across Europe to enhance competitiveness with other transport modes and ensure operational efficiency.

  2. Environmental and Safety Benefits: Railways are highlighted as the future of transport in Europe, praised for their minimal environmental impact and deemed the safest mode of transportation, emphasising the need for continuous support and development.

  3. Harmonisation Challenges: Harmonising standards continue to be challenging, particularly concerning the certification of rolling stock and variant revisions, which are costly and require simplification for flexibility, uniformity, speed, and reduced costs.

  4. Digital and Business Innovation: The conferences aim to foster a conducive environment for digital services and new business models within the railway sector, including implementing various methods and tools to enhance cost-efficiency and competitiveness.

  5. Collaborative Efforts and Practical Implementation: The importance of collaboration between European agencies, national safety authorities, and industry stakeholders is emphasised to facilitate the practical implementation of reforms and to ensure a robust, harmonised railway system across Europe.