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Nonwovens You Say – EDANA Testimonials – Marines Lagemaat, Scientific & Technical Affairs Director

Published on
18 April 2024
  1. Marines Lagemaat’s Role: Marines Lagemaat serves as the Scientific & Technical Affairs Director at EDANA, a network central to the nonwovens and associated industries.

  2. Innovative Drive: Lagemaat emphasises curiosity and ongoing learning as key drivers in his role, highlighting his participation in various training courses and member working groups that promote industry innovation.

  3. Industry Versatility: The nonwovens industry is depicted as highly versatile, capable of integrating a diverse array of materials such as fibre PV, solar, natural fibre glass, and utilising various forming technologies.

  4. Commitment to Sustainability: Focus is placed on reducing energy consumption and improving resource efficiency, demonstrating the industry’s dedication to sustainable practices.

  5. Encouragement for Engagement: Lagemaat encourages industry stakeholders and the public to delve into the nonwovens sector’s ongoing innovations and sustainability efforts, underscoring its dynamic growth and potential.