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EDANA Nonwovens Talks First Episode

Published on
16 April 2024
  1. Introduction and Host: Sean Carrigan, Director of Communications and Media Relations at EDANA, hosts the “Nonwovens Talks,” a series focusing on sustainability in the nonwovens industry.

  2. Episode Highlights: The first episode features interviews with leaders from the nonwovens sector. They discuss sustainability and circularity initiatives and focus on innovative applications advancing the industry’s sustainability agenda.

  3. Guest Insights: Mete Duo, from Fibre Tech’s Personal Care, discusses their long-standing commitment to sustainability, which is highlighted by their ISCC Plus certification for sustainable nonwoven products.

  4. Industry Challenges: Bruno de Wilde from Organic Waste Systems (OWS) outlines the complexities of biodegradability testing and the importance of specific standards for various environments, stressing the careful communication around biodegradable products to avoid promoting littering.

  5. Future Focus: The series aims to delve deeper into how the nonwovens industry actively enhances sustainable practices and promotes circular economy principles, setting a proactive example in addressing environmental challenges.